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An innovative dental treatment for atrophied jaws

Have teeth fixed in only 3 days? Without bone grafting? Without sinus lift ?

Solutions exist for you.

Discover cortico-basal implantology

Forget about your removable dentures. Forget about bone grafting or sinus filling. Forget about periodontal pain with teeth that move and hurt. Forget about bad breath.

Thanks to cortico-basal implantology as well as monobloc implants, we can choose implants that are adapted to your situation, without having to fill in your jaw to adapt it to the implants.

Basal implantology, a French treatment concept

More than twenty years ago in France, the concept of basal implantology and the implant with cortical fixation began to develop.

By using polished body implants with a thin trans-gingival part and without removable parts, it is possible to put the teeth in immediately.

  • Monobloc implants with their polished body do not develop peri-implantitis (implant disease) because there is no opening in the gum to allow bacterial infiltration.

  • The monobloc eliminates the bacterial reservoir, because there are no removable or intermediate parts.

Advantages of the cortico-basal implant

Cortico-basal implantology is a novel treatment in modern dentistry, offering numerous advantages to patients seeking effective and long-lasting dental solutions. Among these advantages, one of the most significant is the avoidance of bone grafting, a very cumbersome and costly procedure.

This not only reduces the risks associated with additional surgery, but also significantly reduces healing time and provides strong initial stability.

In addition, the cortico-basal implant technique also offers significant time savings. In addition, the osseointegration period is considerably reduced, which means that patients can benefit from their fixed dental prostheses in record time. This speed is greatly appreciated by patients who are looking for a quick and effective solution to their dental problems.

The cortico-basal implant technique therefore allows for rapid integration of the implant, which provides a solid and reliable foundation for the dentures. You can enjoy a fixed dental solution immediately after surgery, without having to wait months for a permanent prosthesis.

Case study of a patient after basal implant placement

dental treatment in france

If you are interested in this technique, consult your dentist, who will help you determine if the implant procedure is the right solution for you.



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