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Loss of dental implants due to failed bone grafts.

Dental implants can be affected by periodontal disease. Bone grafts may not be successful, and this is a very common complication.

What is a dental bone graft?

One of the possible treatments is the placement of implants, but to do so, it is necessary to have sufficient bone mass.

This is where bone grafting comes in, the goal is a reconstruction of the jawbone in order to be able to place the implants.

This is a procedure that is often necessary for patients who are considering dental implants. In order for the implant to be firmly integrated into the jawbone, it is essential that there be sufficient bone mass.

A lack of bone mass can be due to periodontal disease or tooth extraction, an inadequate sinus or trauma and genetic problems leading to tooth loss.

Placement of dental implants following a bone graft failure

Bone grafts are procedures that require perfect integration with the jawbone so that the graft can grow into real bone.

However, sometimes the graft does not take, due to loss of granules, exposure of the graft or infection.


Pratical case: a patient who had several implant failures.

The first image shows us the exposed dental implants, with insufficient bone mass for the implants.
The second image is after three implant failures, with the placement of a removable appliance while waiting for healing.
The patient in the last image received a total of twenty implants, twelve maxillary and eight mandibular.
3 days later the patient receives his fixed bridge, made of zirconia and stratified ceramic

Dental implants and bone grafts in France for a perfect smile.

Bone grafts and dental implants can be performed in France.

If you're considering bone grafting or dental implants, why not investigate the possibility of receiving your dental treatment in France?

French dental clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee you the best possible care.

France offers a full range of high-level dental services, making it an attractive destination for those seeking quality dental care.

Dental implant procedures are carried out with the utmost care and precision, for the minimum of discomfort.

Take the first step towards optimal oral health and book an appointment with an English-speaking dentist in Seine et Marne today!

The advantages of dental implants

Cortical implants have proven to be effective and durable, offering a long-lasting solution for patients who want to regain the pleasure of eating and smiling with confidence.

Implantology has revolutionized the traditional approach to practice and represents a technological advance that offers several benefits to the patient:

  • Restore the comfort and esthetics of natural teeth permanently.

  • Stimulate bone health and prevent bone loss.

  • Stabilize removable dentures.

  • Facilitate chewing and digestion of food.

  • Improve the quality and comfort of life.

Today's dentists use advanced techniques to create custom-made dental implants that fit the patient perfectly. If you have a root canal or damaged tooth, consult your implant dentist, who will help you determine the ideal solution for you.


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