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Turning disaster into health with cortical implants technology

The Advantages of Cortical Fixed Implants in Modern Dentistry

The technology of the cortical fixed implant radically changes the possibilities of treatment and immediate placement.

Implant placement is often simple and is performed under local anesthesia in a clinic or office. Patients are often pleasantly surprised by how easy the procedure is.

If you want to rebuild your smile quickly and effectively, cortical fixed implants may be the ideal solution.

This modern, advanced procedure replaces missing teeth in just a few days by attaching implants in the densest part of the jawbone.

This method offers superior stability, faster healing and highly satisfactory aesthetic results.

With the help of a qualified professional, you can have your smile back in no time and enjoy a full and functional set of teeth.


Practical Case: Transforming a 56-Year-Old Ex-Smoker's Dental Health

Here is the practical case of a 56 year old patient, former heavy smoker, was treated in the upper and lower jaw with conventional implants, and he suffers his 3rd failure in 10 years

Implants that were contaminated were removed and replaced with cortically fixed implants. No bone grafting was required


Final result, obtained in only 3 days


Benefits of Cortical Implant Technology

Cortical implant technology, anchored in the bone cortex, overcomes several drawbacks of conventional implantology:

  • Immediate implant placement post-tooth extraction, even in challenging scenarios such as infections or bone loss (jaw atrophy).

  • Adherence to immediate functional loading protocols in most cases.

  • Exclusive use of natural native bone for implant fixation, eliminating the need for bone augmentations or sinus fillings.

  • Implementation of one-piece polished dental implants within the cortical bone, minimizing the risk of periimplantitis.

The installation of cortical implants in Seine et Marne

Dr. Serdean's implantology practice, located in Seine et Marne, offers you implantology care with the latest techniques in a dedicated space.


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