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Aesthetic and prosthetic care in Seine et Marne

Dental aesthetics and dental prosthetics are two important areas of dentistry that aim to improve the appearance of teeth.

Dental aesthetics focuses on the beauty of teeth, while dental prosthetics aims to replace or restore damaged or missing teeth.


Advanced and
cortical implants

What are the different treatments in dental aesthetics?

Cosmetic dentistry treatments include teeth whitening, correction of crooked or misaligned teeth, treatment of discolored or cracked teeth, as well as ceramic veneers to improve the appearance of teeth. 


Dental cleaning at a dentist is an important step in maintaining good oral health and a bright smile.

Stains caused by tobacco, coffee and tea are common and can be difficult to remove with daily brushing.

That's why a professional cleaning is highly recommended to remove these stains and restore your teeth to their natural whiteness.

Dental cleaning usually begins with a thorough examination of the mouth to detect any oral health problems. The dentist will then use a specific technique to remove stains and plaque, such as the use of ultrasound or abrasive air.


A dental cleaning at the dentist is a quick and painless process that can give you a whiter, healthier smile in minutes.

It is recommended that you have a dental cleaning every 6 to 12 months to maintain good oral health.

So don't hesitate to schedule a professional dental cleaning with your dentist today!

Tobacco stain cleaning

Teeth cleaning is one of the most common acts in cosmetic dentistry.
It is an act that consists of cleaning your teeth from stains caused by tea, coffee or tobacco.

Dental prosthetic care 

Dental prosthetics includes the fitting of dental crowns, bridges, complete or partial dentures, as well as dental implants.

These devices are designed to replace missing or damaged teeth and help you restore normal dental function to your teeth.

They can be made of ceramic, metal or composite materials to best match the natural appearance of the teeth.

When should you opt for prosthetic care?

Restorative care can be necessary for many reasons, such as the loss of natural teeth due to cavities, periodontal disease or even trauma.

Your dentist will perform a complete examination of your mouth and teeth to determine the best treatment plan for you.


This may include x-rays and dental impressions to create accurate models of your mouth. The dentist will also discuss with you your denture options, their cost and lifespan, as well as the maintenance care needed to maintain the health of your teeth and dentures.

It is important to consult a dentist to evaluate the best solution to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. 

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