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Living the Endless Summer

Cortical fixed implant-based solutions provide longevity and exceptional quality of life.

F or the past years, dentists all over the world have made a strong case for the importance of keeping one’s teeth. They have successfully argued this case in both the popular media and the dental office alike. Maintaining good, healthy teeth is certainly a worthy goal, but given current demographic trends, keeping them for a lifetime is not always possible, despite the impressive achievements of preventative dentistry and the best efforts of the patient. Trauma, systemic disease, bad habits and even normal wear are just a few of the reasons a tooth may begin to fail.

Timesaving and moneysaving

While it’s true that implant-based therapy generally seems as a greater initial investment

it's not true. Compared to axial implants cortical implants are at half a price and you get a full mouth rehabilitation in 3 days. Imagine the time you win by evoiding multiple surgerys for bonne grafting and sinus lift, healing time and not even speaking of possible infections.


Longevity just makes sense

Why should you get implants with rough surface that can risk contamination and lost of the prosthetic work? Axial implants have a rough surface so that the bonne can adhere to it. But in periodontal disease the mouth is full of bacteria so traditional implants will be contaminated since the begining. Also the axial implants need soft tissue to be saved so that they can be coverd, that meens that non of the perio pockets will be eliminated and the contamination will continue and the implants will fail.

Meenwhile for the cortical implants whe do a resection of the soft tissue and bonne and eliminate all the contaminated tissue. Cortical implants have a smooth body so bacteria can not adhere to the surface. And a small emergency profile so to evoid formation of perio pockets.

Cortical implants provide the foundation for a third dentition that can last to the end of life.


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