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Guided implantology in Seine et Marne

Benefits of guided implantology for patients

Advanced computer-guided implantology is an innovative technique in the field of dental surgery. It enables precise and efficient placement of dental implants using state-of-the-art technologies to plan and guide surgery.


The procedure involves the creation of a personalized surgical guide from the analysis of systematic CT scans performed before surgery.

This guide is attached to the patient's gingiva without the need for incisions or direct visualization of the bone structure.

Guided surgery treatment protocol

The guided surgery treatment protocol involves the virtual planning of implants on planning software using 3D radiological imaging such as a printer.


The goal is to make a first impression, which can guide future intervention. 

On the day of the operation, the guide allows rapid and precise placement of the implants by constantly orienting their position.

The benefits of guided surgery

The advantage of this technique is the significant reduction in surgical intervention time and post-operative consequences, as well as the exceptional precision of the positioning of the implants.


The implant project can be visually presented to the patient just before the intervention, allowing an aesthetically predictable result for him. In some cases, a temporary prosthesis can even be fabricated before implant placement if immediate function is planned.

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